Cmd-tab occasionally not working in EVE Online Mac

17th August 2008 – 10.12 am

It is possible to Cmd-tab out of EVE Online's Mac client to the desktop, using the key combination's normal function to change application focus. I have found that occasionally the Cmd key seems not to be recognised when doing this and instead the client only collapses all open informational game windows, which is what a press of the tab key by itself should do. However, I have discovered what is happening.

At some point during a session I will have accidentally hit the caps lock key, probably in a mad keyboard mashing attempt to activate the right modules, which for some reason then prevents the Cmd-tab combination from working. If this happens, a subsequent press of the caps lock key (or two) is all that is required to restore the application-switching functionality to normal, allowing the EVE Online Mac client to be pushed to the background again.

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