Caracal down

22nd August 2008 – 7.36 am

My plan to complete my first level three mission before it lapses to a default failure is looking more likely, which is surprising considering that I went back to the deadspace pocket with my Caracal and a plan. It was, in retrospect, a feeble plan, but I thought I had to try. My plan was to warp in to deadspace armed to the teeth with heavy launchers and backed up by the strongest defences I could muster on Tiger Lily, pick off one target, warp back to a station to repair my armour, and repeat until all the hostile targets were destroyed.

The plan might have worked had it not been for two details. First, the sheer number of missiles raining down on my ship simply wouldn't enable me to linger long enough to destroy one ship, or perhaps even to start hitting the armour of one. And second, a reinforcement rat gang turned up just as I was trying to warp out, immediately in range of me and also equipped with missiles. It seems they decided I should get out of my Caracal and take my pod back to the station.

Tiger Lily was no more, and I had to buy myself a replacement Caracal, Red Panda. The insurance payout on Tiger Lily funded the Caracal, but then I had to pay for insurance on Red Panda, as well as buy a few modules that I didn't have lying around spare in my hangar. My courageously foolish attempt cost me a couple of million ISK.

My wallet is also drained from buying advanced learning skill books, not thinking I would be running level three missions for a while and that I had time before needing to buy a bigger boat. Since then I have been running missions and employing Penny Ibramovic's Salvaging Operations to boost my wealth back to a healthy level, and it is working quite nicely. I have made over twenty five million ISK in around ten days, and I can now afford a Drake battlecruiser. I can also pilot one, having recently trained in the skills to pilot it. All I need now is a bit more cash so that I can fit it out with modules and insure it against accidental exploding, and I will be prepared once more to take on the hostile force waiting for me on the mission.

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  2. Yeah, the Caracal is ill-suited to level threes, the Drake will serve far better in those missions.

    By Kirith Kodachi on Aug 22, 2008

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