The best laid plans of mice and men

23rd August 2008 – 5.59 pm

Earlier I wrote that there was no way I was going to take my brand new Drake out of the hangar without getting it insured, and that was indeed the plan. It would have been the height of foolishness to pilot a brand new ship without having any means to replace it, even only to transfer it to a different station. I bought the Drake shortly after getting enough ISK to afford one, as it looked like I could save myself a million or two from buying early, spotting a bargain on the market, so I had to earn more ISK in my Caracal afterwards in order to afford the insurance.

My wallet bulks up enough to afford the platinum insurance package at last, so I head to the station where my Drake sits. I double-check my account balance, just to make sure, and I can indeed afford the best level of insurance. Satisfied with this, I head off to Jita to check out region pricing in The Forge to equip my new battlecruiser. ...without buying insurance before leaving the station. Yes, I can be that forgetful. I make a pitstop as soon as I realise and get the reassuring mail confirming the insurance package before leaving dock again.

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