An even more stable City of Heroes Mac

11th September 2008 – 1.50 pm

I have still been getting the occasional crash when playing City of Heroes or City of Villains on my Mac using Crossover Games. Whilst infrequent enough to be tolerable, having to reload the game from a crash is inconvenient, particularly when playing in a group. A splendid chap posted a helpful tip in the Crossover compatibility centre for City of Heroes/City of Villains forum, suggesting the use of the /unloadgfx command after changing zones or visiting graphics-heavy areas.

Rather than typing in the command each time I wanted to use it I instead bound it to a key, using the following command in the chat box: /bind l "/unloadgfx" I used the command regularly during a session last night, by hitting the 'l' key, which caused nothing but a second's delay in gameplay, and The Micro-manager was able to complete the mayhem of a couple of task force missions without experiencing a single crash in a two-hour session.

I have only played one session since reading the tip, but the difference was significant, particularly during a session with the most graphically intensive fights so far and a number of zone changes. Whilst using the command is clearly a compromise I find it preferable to press a key every few minutes than having to reload the game every twenty, and the contiguous gaming time allows for a more enoyable experience when playing in a team with other people.

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  2. Huzzah! Sounds like the Micro-manager's strict insistence upon rigorously enforced bottom-up synergistic process improvements is paying dividends.

    By Zoso on Sep 11, 2008

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