Kenickie eats again

19th September 2008 – 8.49 am

When I got my new kitty, Kenickie, almost a year ago he took to the biscuits I fed him immediately, making satisfying 'nom nom nom' sounds whenever he got peckish and snacked from his dry food bowl. Finding some meat-based cat food that he liked was a bit more difficult. I soon found that he preferred chunks in jelly over chunks in gravy, much like my previous cat, but a particular brand or flavour that he would eat beyond licking off the jelly was not forthcoming.

His not eating most meaty foods was a concern but not a major one, as he was still chomping in to his biscuits and was full of life and action, seeming perfectly healthy. He even went out hunting at night, bringing back the occasional live moth to drop on to my bed when I was half-asleep, bless him. Even so, it was not something I was going to ignore and I strove to find some food that he would enjoy eating. Eventually, I managed this, and found a fishy-flavoured cat food that he ate, leaving a clean bowl that pleasantly surprised me. Kenickie was quite happy eating this food, and I was quite happy when I found it on offer at a local supermarket, snatching up several boxes at a good price.

My cat must have sensed that I had bought the food at less cost and turned his nose up at it, despite it remaining the same quality, and I was back at square one. I had a kitty who liked his biscuits but didn't want to eat meat. I kept trying the food he'd eaten before, telling him that it was his favourite, but either he didn't believe me or my status as a crazy cat person has been fulfilled and I am mistaken in thinking he can understand English fluently.

Again not wanting to give up, I bought yet another different brand and flavour this week, hoping that his delicate kitty palate simply desired a change from the all-fish dinners he had been having recently. To my delight he was interested in the new food and left a clean dish, which I happily filled again promptly because of the several days he had gone only eating biscuits. I think Kenickie likes a bit of variety in his dinner, which is just fine with me. I'll need to keep track of which foods he eats and try to cycle through them so that he can get a healthy diet.

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  2. Cats can be SO finicky! My Reggie used to love lysine paste, but hates it now. He also loved Science Diet canned mooshy food, and won't eat it, either. His new fave is meat chunks in gravy, but I suspect he'll go back to wanting mooshy food soon.

    By Stacia on Sep 20, 2008

  3. And yet Kenickie is happy eating the same biscuits every day. Funny creatures, cats.

    By pjharvey on Sep 20, 2008

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