Kenickie's kicks

23rd September 2008 – 3.44 pm

Kenickie, my kitty, was happily sitting in my lap as I was scratching his chin and rubbing his soft belly. He was enjoying this quite a lot, purring away with his eyes closed. So comfortable was my cat that he had one of his back legs rested on top of the hand that was stroking his tummy. With his head raised for the chin scratching and his back leg resting on my hand all it took was a little nudge and Kenickie's back foot bonked his head. I found this a little too amusing.

'Why are you kicking yourself in your face, Kenickie?', I asked him, nudging his foot again. Bonk. 'Doesn't that hurt when you kick yourself?' Bonk. 'Stop kicking yourself in the face, Kenickie.' Bonk. Bonk bonk bonk.

I had to stop, because my unbecoming fit of the giggles was in danger of jiggling my lap enough to make Kenickie uncomfortable and move. Kenickie remained oblivious to my amusement. Or perhaps he chose to ignore my childish antics.

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