A curious cat's climb

11th October 2008 – 2.41 pm

Kenickie, my kitty, had a bit of an adventure yesterday. I had a hole in my roof and a chap was around in the morning to repair it. My loft was open to provide access and there were ladders up on to the roof, the repair man making clunking noises climbing up and down and getting in to the loft. All of this had Kenickie a little perturbed, eventually deciding to hide somewhere until all the fuss had died down. I had presumed he had gone outside, through the open front door, to observe from under a parked car.

It was only after all the work was finished, and I had gone and come back from lunch with my mum, that I heard a faint meowing from somewhere, accompanied by the sounds of scratching. It didn't take long to work out that Kenickie had in fact disappeared up in to the loft, a cat's curiosity in full effect, and I had inadvertently shut him in there before I had gone out. He was quite keen to come back down now, thank you, so I opened up the hatch and went up to comfort and collect him.

The trip down the ladder looked much more difficult than going up and Kenickie was a little panicky. I couldn't even hold him securely enough for his liking, as he dug his back claws in to gouge a small hole out of my 1-up mushroom t-shirt to remain safely trapped in the loft. I knew I wouldn't be able to get him down without his co-operation so I left the loft open and let him become more relaxed about the prospect of climbing down the ladder.

It didn't take too long before Kenickie decided that staying in the loft was less appealing than coming down the ladder and he poked his head over the hatch's opening to survey the climb. He was quite tentative, but I sat at the bottom of the ladder to give encouragement. He got his nerve up and made the short journey without aid easily enough in the end.

I'm sure he was a little shaken up by the adventure in the end, so I decided not to give him a flea treatment just then. I saved that little bit of excitement for a few minutes ago, and now Kenickie doesn't want to talk to me for a while.

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