Entering corporate life in EVE Online

17th October 2008 – 8.37 am

I am now a member of a corporation in EVE Online, one that isn't state owned even. After all the drama when looking for a corporation previously I log back in to find I hadn't previously exited from a couple of the recruitment channels, remaining in them by default. This time one of them is populated and a member of the corporation welcomes me. We get to talking about what the corporation gets involved with, what it expects from members and some general background information. There are opportunities for PvE mission running, industry, and plenty of PvP. The PvP is taken with the attitude that people are going to get blown up all over the place, but as long as everyone's having fun then that is all that matters.

It all sounds rather positive and friendly, as well as fairly relaxed, and seems like a good place to start corporate life in EVE Online. Realising that the worst that can happen is I leave to go back to a state owned corporation—penniless and destitute in the absolute worst case, I suppose—I apply to join and am accepted fairly soon after my impromptu interview.

I need to train some different skills and learn some new tactics so that I can be effective in PvP, and I've made a start with that. I'll be piloting different ships with new modules to play with, which will take some time to get used to and become effective with them. I also have to haul myself and whatever ships and equipment I think I'll need half-way across the galaxy, but that shouldn't be a problem and I may be best off making a relatively clean start anyway. I have a decent amount of ISK in my wallet to buy what I need in the new system.

Life in a corporation promises to be quite an adventure. Whether it can turn carebear me in to an effective PvP pilot is uncertain, but it is a challenge I am both nervous about and looking forward to facing. I hope that I will not tempting fate if I name my first corporate frigate Funshine Bear.

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