Moving module icons on the HUD in EVE Online

18th October 2008 – 10.14 am

Back when I first took on The Blockade I noticed that some of my modules appeared in the HUD in different positions than expected after installing them in the fitting station interface. I was expecting them to increment on the HUD from left to right as they were fitted from the furthest left slot and moving anti-clockwise, but a few modules turned up in the HUD in seemingly arbitrary positions. This caused a little consternation when I turned on the wrong type of shield hardeners and started taking a beating, after which I planned to look in to the issue.

I did not find out why the modules appear in certain positions on the HUD, and am still confused as to their apparent order, but I have found out that it doesn't make too much difference. In a quiet moment, perhaps to give something to do instead of mining, it is possible to pick up the module icons in the HUD and drag them to a different activation slot of your choosing. Whilst moving the icons is a kludge, rather than having the system work as desired without additional user input, at least it is possible to synchronise the positions of the modules between the fitting display and the HUD.

The possibility of module positions causing confusion is considerably reduced. No more will an enemy battlecruiser feel the awesome wrath of my mining laser instead of a salvo of heavy missiles, and with luck I will not open fire on a wreck instead of attempting to salvage from it again.

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