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24th October 2008 – 8.30 am

Finding a new agent to work with in a completely new region is not as straightforward as I would like. I know how to find agents, that isn't a problem, it's more that the agents are presented in the organisational charts in order of agent quality, an order that I don't think can be changed. Whilst this certainly is a help when trying to find a new agent of higher quality in the same division—a feature I took full advantage of when working for the Caldari Navy—when trying to find someone to work with in a new area it would be far more useful to be able to see at a glance how many jumps away an agent's offices are located.

I'm still getting used to a handful of local systems, although quite quickly finding some useful routes, without having to wonder if any particular agent is actually based in the same region as me. I could get information about his office and locate the system on the star map but having to go backwards and forwards through information screens for each possible agent is too much of a chore. Eventually I manage to find an agent who is both local and not wallowing in a massively negative quality rating. I manage this by using the highly technical approach of jumping from system to system along the path I am using between corporation activities and the trading hub, then from station to station until I find an appropriate agent. I can work out a better choice of agent once I am more familiar with the region and have gained a better standing, opening up greater choice of agents to me.

Level one mission running is pretty easy, particularly when helped along by a couple of extra months of appropriate skill training. Funshine Bear, my Inquisitor, is quite capable of blasting through the tiny rats I encounter on missions, although moving from shield tanks to an armour tank will take some time to get used to. At least I am up and running in the new region, improving my standings with local factions and becoming familiar with the different technology so that I can be an asset to my corporation.

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  2. Good luck!

    By PsycheDiver on Oct 24, 2008

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