Codeweavers destroys the American Economy

27th October 2008 – 9.30 pm

A few months back Codeweavers announced their Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge, stating some positive but audacious goals to be met before Bush left office. If any one of the goals was met then Codeweavers would hand out free licences to their Crossover software. One of the goals was for the cost of petrol to drop a dollar from the price when writing the challenge. With the recent collapse of the US economy petrol prices did just that.

Jeremy White, CEO of Codeweavers, writes in a statement:

[W]hile ostensibly President Bush was to get the credit/blame for meeting our goals, the bottom line is that I cannot help but feel personally responsible for the greatest financial collapse since the 1930s.

How was I to know that President Bush would take my challenge so seriously? And, give the man credit, I didn't think there was any way he could pull it off. But engineering a total market meltdown - wow - that was pure genius. I clearly underestimated the man.

What an arsehole. He should have known better than to challenge Bush like that.

Ah well, the whole US economy is down the toilet, but at least White is delivering on his promise of giving away Crossover licences. For one day only, all Crossover software is being offered for free. That's right, head over to the Codeweavers site on Tuesday 28th October and get a free copy of Crossover Mac, Crossover Games, or Crossover Linux. Existing customers can extend their support for a year for free too.

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