Removing the drone threat

28th October 2008 – 9.19 am

My Minmatar agent is actually happy to see my Caldari self! His low quality rating at level one has meant that just about everyone abandons him quite soon after meeting and I think he's just pleased to have the company. He may also be pleased to get a damned drone infestation sorted out in the system, which may well have been lingering for quite a while with no suitable capsuleers hanging around. I'm glad to take on the mission. Even though the Caldari Navy have seen what I can do no one in this region has any idea who I am and I feel lucky just to get work. Now is the time to prove my worth.

I get towed out of the station and set my warp drive active, heading out to the deadspace region where the drones are making a nuisance of themselves. There are three packs loitering with malicious intent, like youths outside a Quafe's, so I get to work cleaning up. My light missiles make short work of the puny drones, which isn't surprising for a capsuleer with a couple of months experience, and I start moving towards the acceleration gate to warp to the next deadspace pocket to hunt for any further drones.

As the engines of Funshine Bear, my frigate, start flaring to push me towards the gate another wave of drones appears within a couple of dozen of kilometres. I'd better take care of them before moving on, but I am wondering where they came from. I didn't detect any ships warping in to the pocket so they must have been docked somewhere. The only structure in the deadspace pocket is a base close by, a mining colony, so I lock-on to it and loose some missiles towards it. The flimsy structure explodes magnificently, with quite possibly the second biggest explosion I've ever seen.

This must surely put a stop to the drones' interference in the system, allowing the, um, hmm. I'm not sure with what operation the drones were interfering, I simply assumed that drones are bad to have hanging around pestering people. Let me call up the mission log as I warp, assisted by the acceleration gate. Ah, protect the mining operation from a drone infestation. Maybe I should gloss over my extra work in the report I give to my agent when I return. As I drop out of warp I continue to practice my line, 'it was like that when I found it'.

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  2. There's ALWAYS more drones... lol

    By PsycheDiver on Oct 28, 2008

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