Some simple missions

11th November 2008 – 8.37 am

My current agent in EVE Online starts a conversation by saying I won't believe what she's about to tell me. There are furries in an adjacent system. It is good to know that the Minmatar Republic has furries, just as the Caldari State does. I am about to mention the tiger ears and tail I have in my ship when the agent continues with what has turned in to a mission briefing. I am tasked to destroy the furries! Luckily, it turns out that the furries she is referring to are genetically modified creatures that have run amok in a research laboratory and not people who like to dress as cute anthropomorphic animals. Or maybe she really hates furries and doesn't see them as people. Either way, I'd better not wear my tiger ears in this agent's presence.

It doesn't take long to head across a system and destroy the research laboratory, evading the threat of some misguided environmental activists whilst doing so. And by 'evading' I perhaps am better served by the word 'eliminating'. My agent is pleased with the result of the mission and offers the next. My lack of morals regarding the activist apparently encourages her to show me how the Minmatar deal with the homeless population: they ship them out to space. I am a little fuzzy on the details, failing miserably to pay attention to the entire mission briefing, but it seems I am to take some rounded up homeless people to another system and drop them there. It's not quite as bad as it sounds, as I am to drop them in a different space station and not just randomly in the hard vacuum of space, but I am not entirely sure what happens once I drop them off. I will delude myself in to thinking they will be given food, shelter, and jobs and rehabilitated in to society, rather than used as target practice.

Then I get my first storyline mission for the faction! It is almost exciting to carry important documents wrapped in high explosives for the reward of a memory boosting implant. It is more exciting to think of the faction reputation gain garnered by the completion of the mission, so that perhaps I can move on to higher quality agents and level two missions again soon. Of course, if I got myself organised enough I could join the corporation's level four mission running events and gain faction reputation much more quickly. I'll need to put together a decent mission running ship, perhaps another Drake, and try to get more involved.

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