18th November 2008 – 9.12 am

At the start of the weekend I got the EU version of Wrath of the Lich King installed. I couldn't resist having a quick run around as Tiger in Howling Fjord. I was happy to explore the new scenery for the most part, although I picked up a few quests here and there in the wilderness. In my travels I found a small gathering of turkeys and ran around killing fifteen of them in three minutes, getting the Friend of Fowl achievement. I'm not sure that I've spent a more useless few minutes in my life. And if that weren't bad enough, there is a quest just down the road that asks you to train a falcon to kill the turkeys, so although the achievement seems a silly bit of fun it also denies quest mobs to players. I'm not quite sure of Blizzard's motivation here, apart from to anatagonise players.

In the far west of Howling Fjord I stumbled upon an Alliance keep that launched from the cliffs a goblin's captured zeppelin, using it to bomb pirates to keep them from attacking. Unfortunately, there are not enough pirates and cannons for the several people on the zeppelin all to be able to complete the quest easily. After the first pass more characters boarded so I headed off to do something more rewarding. I popped back later to have a second attempt, hoping to get the few more kills I needed, when another character pointed out that if we teamed up it would run much more smoothly. Well, damn, I've been solo for so long that I hadn't really thought about it and he's spot on. The few of us on the zeppelin formed a group and each of our bombs dropped counted for all of us, rather than just the one who dropped them. The quest was completed quickly and the player was praised for his helpfulness and spirit, however obvious it ought to have been in the first place.

I didn't play too much this weekend, because I was also trying to download my copy of the US WLK expansion, which a friend had kindly made available for me so that I didn't have to wait for the game to ship across the Atlantic Ocean. The large download, and some hiccups in the transfer, made other on-line gaming a bit laggy so I found other activities to keep me busy.

I cleaned and tidied a bit on Saturday and vacuumed on Sunday. They might be chores, but I do them infrequently enough that it makes me feel good that I finally get them done. It also has the pleasant side effect of making my home rather more cleaner. I should do this more often.

On Sunday I popped in to London with Zoso to see some stand-up comedy. It was a regular stand-up show hosted by Richard Herring but with a special line-up for the night, as it included his old comedy partner Stewart Lee, as well as a few other faces from their late '90s Sunday lunchtime show TMWRNJ. We enjoyed highly entertaining sets from small-faced Trevor, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, and Nostradamus, before Lee and Herring came out to rattle off a bunch of catchphrases to uproarious laughter. An unintentionally amusing moment occurred during the intermission when, as Zoso and I tucked in to some ice cream—why there was no jelly I don't know—some people walked past and we overheard a woman say 'I don't know who that second bloke was, Stewart something...'. Madam, he is the jazz comedian. It was a most entertaining evening.

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