Pet sounds

19th November 2008 – 9.03 am

My EU-based protection warrior, Tiger, teams up with Melmoth's paladin for some wide-eyed, happy-to-be-here exploration of Northrend. On the gryphon flight to Menethil Harbour to catch the ship to Howling Fjord, still avoiding the Borean Tundra for now, Melmoth remarks on how the hunter class always seems to get an update that is determined to irritate every other player. This time it is not an overpowered ability but their new pets. Specifically, the new pets that are so heavy footed that they make loud stomping sounds with every step they take. To illustrate this nicely, jumping off the ship to reach harbour ten minutes earlier than had we stayed aboard for the ship's entire route, a hunter's flaming green hound's steps come boom boom booming out of my speakers unnecessarily. Just in case it isn't clear, the annoying stomps are still apparent whilst it is walking underwater.

I'm sure that hunters think their imposing pets are terribly impressive and fun, stomping around causing all that noise. They must do, because it seems every bugger has one. I have a different view of them, one that I wonder if it would change the hunters' views were they to consider it. These noisy pets are the equivalent of the bass-heavy loud car stereos of boy racers who cruise through town centres. Sure, they think they are really cool. They think having a booming bass announcing their presence is a status symbol. After all, everyone turns to look at the source of that impressive thumping. All who pay attention must obviously be enjoying the shared cultural experience, admiring the incredible sound, in awe of the power that must be controlled to produce it!

That's probably how hunters see it. In truth, I imagine it is only other hunters who see it that way. Every other player turns to look to see what the booming noise is simply because it is annoying. We are not admiring the stomping sound, we are wondering what the racket is, hoping it will go away. We are not in awe of the power and status of the character to have a pet like that, we are wondering what moron is selfishly inflicting their unshared personal preferences on everyone around them. The attention you are getting, hunters, is negative and we just want your annoying pet to please bugger off.

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  2. I found this post by searching google for how to turn off the damn stomping sound on my pet. I'm a hunter, and just wanted to say that though, undoubtedly, there are those that are stomping around and enjoying every second of the attention, good or bad, it gets them, there are plenty of hunters out there that simply can't play these pets because of the sound. Imagine.. it's annoying enough as a hunter passes you by.. Imagine it never stopping... a constant BOOM BOOM BOOOM that's louder than any in-game sound as far as I can tell.

    I was very excited to get a Rhino. Because of the sound, I'm not playing one after all.

    So /salute.. I'm with you buddy.

    By Roahne on Dec 1, 2008

  3. It's a shame that some interesting pets are spoilt in this way. They can otherwise add some colour and variety to cities and battlegrounds.

    By pjharvey on Dec 2, 2008

  4. They'll give folks the option to turn off the annoying sounds. Have faith. Have patience.

    Now if only they'd do something about the damned "boy racer" thumping. A great option would be for every car subwoofer to come with a destruct mechanism that could be activated by any cellphone. Or perhaps birth control in the water supply might be a better long-term solution. :D

    By Sunwolf on Dec 21, 2008

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