Gnomesblight, Death Knight weaponsmith

4th December 2008 – 3.51 pm

I have some time outside of grouping with my Death Knight friend at the moment. I thought I'd try to get the weaponsmith quest out of the way, as it isn't the most exciting of endeavours to undertake when twenty or so levels above the requirement, as well as it being a task of gathering materials. It will also give me something to do that won't see me advance in levels and get ahead of my colleague in destruction.

With the notion that I would complete the weaponsmith quest clear in my mind I set out my goal clearly. Whilst flying down to Nessingwary's camp in Stranglethorn Vale, to pick up the missing pattern for one of the weapons that is available from a vendor there in limited quantities, I list all the weapons I need to make and the materials needed to craft them. Broken down completely, I come up with:

  • 88 x Iron Bar
  • 56 x Mithril Bar
  • 48 x Heavy Stone
  • 16 x Solid Stone
  • 16 x Gold Bar
  • 28 x Heavy Leather
  •  4 x Thick Leather
  •  8 x Shadowgem
  •  4 x Citrine
  •  2 x Black Pearl
  • 12 x Lesser Moonstone
  • 16 x Strong Flux
  • 32 x Coal

The list of materials is quite long but doesn't seem quite as imposing as all the mithril I remember Tiger gathering to become an armoursmith. There seem to be more cross-profession items needed, though, particularly the leather. Undaunted, I start hunting mineral deposits. As I am in Stranglethorn Vale, and as luck would have it manage to buy the missing pattern from the vendor, I may as well run around the area to mine a whole bunch of iron, gratefully accepting any mithril that comes my way too.

After a full circuit of the Vale I am a bit weary of mining and hope that I have at least enough materials that I can economically buy the rest from the auction house. First, I send some tin that I happen to have lying around to Sapphire, who prospects some lesser moonstones and shadowgems from them and sends the gems back to Gnomesblight. All that is left are a few gems and a couple of stacks of leather, of which the auction house has plenty at reasonable enough prices.

A quick trip to the blacksmithing supplier and I am hoping that my simple arithmetic isn't flawed. It would be a pain to have to go out gathering again, plus it would be awfully embarrassing to make a mistake on such simple maths. I smelt the metals I have collected, adding the coal to some of the iron to make steel, before opening my smithing interface. I am pleased to see that I can create the required quantities of each of the four weapons. I start hammering away at my metal bars to create four moonsteel broadswords, four massive iron axes, two heavy mithril axes and two big black maces.

Within a couple of minutes all the items are made. With that kind of speedy crafting they must be masterwork quality allowing me the title of weaponsmith. The dwarf weaponsmith agrees with me, surprisingly enough! A brief flash of light and I am now Gnomesblight, weaponsmith. And that's it. It's all a bit anticlimactic, particularly as I remember Tiger heading off to complete the quests for the Mithril Order and ending up with a trinket that conjured an epic mace for her.

I wouldn't be surprised if it is all a big scam, to be honest. I rush around gathering all this ore, create a bunch of relatively expensive weapons, and all I do is hand them to someone who in return simply tells me 'you are a weaponsmith'. I bet he headed straight to the auction house after I was out of sight. On top of everything, I now need a whole new heap of mithril just to increase my blacksmithing skills enough so that I can start to use thorium, which is only a stepping stone to fel iron and a vague opportunity to craft something useful for my character.

Why am I crafting again?

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