Flying for easier mining

28th December 2008 – 4.55 pm

Gnomesblight, my death knight, hit 70th level and bought a flying mount. It is a little ostentatious to buy a flying mount immediately at 70th level when it cannot be used in Northrend until cold weather flying can be learnt at additional cost, particularly when I am questing exclusively in Northrend, but Sapphire still needs help levelling up jewelcrafting. To advance Sapphire's jewelcrafting skills I need to get her some adamantite bars, which means I need to go mining.

Even though I came up with an efficient mining routine around Zangarmarsh it is now less desirable an option to run laps there, because the level of the zone means that most of the ore is fel iron, even if there is some adamantite ore to be found in the harder-to-reach places. Because fel iron advances neither my blacksmithing nor Sapphire's jewelcrafting any more the relative scarcity of adamantite in Zangarmarsh requires me to mine elsewhere. Taking to the skies allows me to wander over any region in Outlands without encountering any mobs whilst still being able to track mineral veins, hence buying the flying mount. It really is an invaluable purchase in regards of mining, as well as being a good opportunity to fill out my map without danger.

Well, I can map areas almost without danger. Flying over a Horde camp in Blade's Edge Mountains gets me marked and a Horde guard shoots me off my mount from a few hundred feet in the air, the landing doing nothing for my knee joints and leaving my ghost skittering back to find my shattered body. Despite the rare set-back my mapping of Blade's Edge Mountains and Netherstorm allows me to collect sixty pieces of adamantite ore, along with a handful of khorium ore, with almost no difficulty. Mining is again a pleasant pastime.

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  2. I was reading your "Flying for easier mining" article.

    You might want to try mining in Magisters terrace. You can't fly there but all the nodes are Adamantite or Rich adamantite or Khorium only. You can mine while doing the dailies so you make money and xp at the same time. This is perfect if you have a level 70 death knight. Once you know the dailies you will find that these quests are quick and easy and you will get piles of adamantite ore.
    good luck

    By Voon on Dec 30, 2008

  3. That sounds like a jolly good way to get some easy ore and money at the same time. I'll give it a try, thanks!

    By pjharvey on Dec 31, 2008

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