Gnomesblight's unholy presence

30th December 2008 – 12.04 pm

It's not just a neat skeletal flying mount that I get at 70th level but also the unholy presence, completing the triumvirate of presences available to the death knight. With blood presence offering greater damage and a small amount of healing, frost presence increasing armour and threat generation for tanking, I am curious to see what unholy presence offers. Consuming an unholy rune puts me in to unholy presence and I feel swifter. My attack speed is 15% quicker, as is my movement. If that weren't beneficial enough the global cool-down (GCD) is decreased by half a second. That may not sound like much but it is a huge change from the normal one-and-a-half seconds.

My initial impressions of unholy presence are completely positive, with the decrease of the GCD being the most apparent change, although the movement speed increase is noticeable and pleasing too. The only problem with the change to the GCD is that the efficient spell rotation I worked out had the runes becoming available again at the end of the rotation but with the reduced GCD the rotation ends more quickly, before the runes have recharged. This can be mitigated easily enough by inserting a use or two of spells that require runic power as part of the rotation, it simply means finding what I need to and can do and adjusting my rotation a little.

Whether I deal more damage in unholy presence with the reduced GCD versus the increased damage inherent in blood presence remains to be tested. I will practice on a target dummy to investigate further.

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