Finding my new focus

19th January 2009 – 11.25 am

I have considered my options of a direction to take in EVE Online and am grateful for the feedback received.

I don't think I can participate in much active PvP, but this is not because I am nervous about losing my ship. Even though there is more of a time and cost penalty to losing a PvP fight than in other games it is still only virtual, recoverable. I am nervous about joining another corporation. I think I did well enough in my previous corporation but I am still surprisingly anxious about meeting and getting along with new people.

The compartmentalisation of missions and the vastness of space makes it far less likely to chance in to encounters with people—at least with people who don't want to blow you up—than with other games, which means I need to seach actively for a corporation. I work much better when I fall in to groups and become comfortable than when I have to initiate contact. I have been lucky in other games where friends have invited me in to good guilds and alliances within which I have been able to get settled and more gradually involved. Sadly, I don't know anyone in New Eden personally.

Even if I get in to a new corporation I doubt it can be orientated towards PvP because of voice comms. I can be terribly shy and occasionally have problems talking on voice comms to people I know in real life, and this is before any technical issues with voice comms software that is barely supported, or completely unsupported, on the Mac. The voice comms built-in to EVE Online works and I am happy to listen in, but I get the impression that PvP will require active participation using Teamspeak, which cannot happen for technical and personal reasons. I need to take one step at a time.

It is a shame that PvP is not an option for me, at least for now, because it is probably the core of EVE Online and an aspect I would ideally like to get involved in. Maybe one day. I could continue to run missions and improve my standings and wallet so that I can afford bigger and more advanced ships. Mission running is a little repetitive at times, although the occasional challenge is thrown my way that keeps me interested, and I can occasionally not feel involved enough with the rest of the galaxy. Whatever happens, I will still have the opportunity to run missions, either for profit, materials or just to blow something up every now and again.

The choice I have made is to become an industrialist. All of the ammunition and modules I buy from the market come from somewhere. I know that the smaller quantity items I buy are probably from looted wrecks from missions, but there are higher quantities available that people must be manufacturing. Not only that, but the ships themselves must come from somewhere. The idea of being able to build my own spaceship is quite appealing, however unlikely it is that I will be able to achieve this in the near future. I have a new direction and it will be interesting to learn how the manufacturing and invention processes work.

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  2. Good choice!

    I'll dig around my BPO supply and see if I can throw some researched ammo BPOs to get you going.

    Good luck!

    By Kirith Kodachi on Jan 19, 2009

  3. That is splendidly generous. Thank you, sir.

    By pjharvey on Jan 19, 2009

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