Another snow day

6th February 2009 – 1.21 pm

A colleague calls from his car saying he is on the M1 junction's exit slip road and it is an hour later before he makes it in to work, having travelled the one mile or so left of the journey. It seems that the horrendous traffic that I got caught up in yesterday has returned. I'm glad I was able to miss it this morning.

It isn't long until The Company sends out another e-mail effectively closing the site again because of the severely restricted access to site. Employees already on site are allowed to stay but may leave at any point to get home safely without losing core hour times. I am happy to take advantage of this generosity and make my way home before the weather or traffic conditions deteriorate further.

I spin my tyres a little reversing out of the parking space and cautiously make my way off site through several inches of snow. As I join the main road I can see the traffic heading the other way is gridlocked again. Luckily, a gap is left on the roundabout that lets me join the motorway slip road and what I expect to be the only perilous stage of my journey is over. The traffic heading the way I came is clogged back past the spur road, the exit junction, and about six miles down the motorway. It's pretty bad and I am glad not have got snarled up in it again.

The journey home is uneventful but lined with wonderful scenic views of fields blanketed in snow. The roads are all but clear of snow, being the motorway or main roads, but I still exercise some caution. Sadly, my dreams of taking picturesque photographs or making a snowman are dashed when I get home as snow gives way to its ugly remnant slush, nothing like the conditions back at work. Still, I make it home safely and have another relaxing day and weekend ahead of me.

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