Supressing The Nexus with low DPS

10th February 2009 – 10.42 am

The guild run in to The Nexus goes ahead as planned. I take my warrior, Sapphire, as the tank and the mage is replaced by a death knight alt, otherwise the group remains the same, with a hunter and another warrior as DPS and a priest to heal. Unlike our previous adventure in to the instance a couple of months back this time we are more prepared. For a start, I have been in two successful pick-up groups, one with Sapphire and one with Gnomesblight, my death knight, giving me some good experience for the mobs and bosses. We also all have gained a level or two since our last visit. With Utgarde Keep conquered The Nexus should be fairly straightforward.

There is little trouble posed by the trash mobs on the way to the bosses. The first hiccup in the run is when the priest dies near the end of the fight with second boss Anomalus, guarding the rift. Whilst we defeat Anomalus we have no way of reviving our priest so she has to run back. Rather than have her run all the way back to us we make our way to the entrance and take a different route to Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, whose spikes don't end up causing any problems. Onwards to Keristrasza!

Getting to the dragon provokes a reaction from our hunter, incredulous that a 73rd level elite mob should have 248,000 health. Even after being reminded that this is not just any 73rd level elite but also a boss he was still agitated by the fight ahead. To be honest, I would be a bit agitated by that boss if I were an 80th level hunter putting out less than 600 DPS. I was doing around 650 DPS myself, as a 73rd level protection warrior. In the end I simply told him to 'file a petition' if he thought the boss had too much health and got on with the fight.

The constant debuff in the Keristrasza fight caught people unawares the first time, even with a warning, but a quick readjustment helped us defeat the dragon on the second attempt. It was awfully close, though. I actually thought I had been killed near the end, with my health bar showing solid black, and was a little nonplussed by still being alive when the dragon dropped. The priest had used her Guardian Spirit at just the right moment, keeping me alive for the final seconds of the fight. Our battle through The Nexus is victorious!

To be honest, our damage output is the guild's weakness at the moment. Without the DPS behind the tank the mobs take longer to defeat and that puts an unnecessary burden on our priest to maintain healing for greater durations. With Gnomesblight managing 1,300 DPS on instance runs I would hope that my companions could better Sapphire's tanking 650 DPS, but that isn't the case at the moment. If we don't improve, later instances will prove immensely difficult.

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