And nothing of value was lost

26th February 2009 – 10.52 am

My guild was hoping to get another instance run going at the weekend, at about the same time as my death knight was running around for the Wyrmrest Accord and gaining 75th level. With four players on-line with characters 75th or above we start planning, everyone keen to try a new Northrend instance. Azjol'Nerub is the obvious choice, after previous guild runs through The Nexus and Utgarde Keep, with the added benefit of experience from both my death knight and warrior having been there already, so all we need is another player and we are ready to go.

Needing one more player is all the encouragement it takes to get our resident hunter on-line, but just as it looks like we can form a group and head to Stars' Rest another guild member pops on-line. Being 60th level he is keen to finish the quests in the Scholomance he's been working hard on and with some alts dotted around, particularly one who seems determined to complete every quest in the game, interest is split between Azjol'Nerub and an Azeroth instance. This interest is not shared by many, including myself. Whilst there is a certain charm to be found in visiting the old instances I feel it needs to be done under your own terms. Healer and tank or DPS duos provide some stimulation, but whilst an overpowered group swatting every elite mob aside like gnats has some appeal I find it more a casual distraction than an evening's worth of fun.

The discussion on where to go is only causing frustration, with no one wanting to tell the others what we all are going to do. Something needs to be done, so I invite in to a group all the players who had previously agreed to venture in to Azjol'Nerub. This run was decided first and was ready to go, after all. With that effectively decided and a few directions to the instance given we are soon inside and kicking some Nerubian chitin. The run goes pretty smoothly, thanks to my excellent advice to 'avoid anything suspicious' when dealing with the bosses, although I had to add a caveat of 'except the gnome' after everyone slowly backed away from her.

The final boss drops some useful loot, a superb ring. Not only does it imbue the wearer with strength, stamina and defence, but also acts as armour. It's a fantastic tanking ring and I say as much. There is some chatter from the arms warrior in the group that it is a good ring and I can tell he desires it too. I repeat that it is a tanking ring. I am not about to say who can and cannot roll on loot that required everyone's cooperation to get, but I have no problem offering my opinion on who would get the most benefit from it.

Needless to say, I didn't win the roll on the ring, the arms DPS warrior getting it instead. I pouted for a bit, reflecting on how my tank has lost many a good tanking item to one or the other of this player's warriors, but it is a good character-building exercise for me. Better not to get the virtual item and recognise it as such than forever struggle against disappointment in a drive to accumulate fake worth. The companionship of the guild, my friends, and coming together to enjoy the challenge and excitement of battling against enemies we couldn't face alone is the real reward. I must remember to capture more of the moments that evoke memories of good times.

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