Richard Herring: The Headmaster's Son

28th February 2009 – 6.32 pm

Not only was Richard Herring cursed by being born with freakishly small hands his father was headmaster of the school he attended during his formative years. In his latest show Herring ponders on this early life and how being the son of the headmaster may have affected his development in eschewing a standard career and becoming a comedian, all the while his tiny hands struggle to maintain a grip on the microphone.

The light-hearted look back on his teenage years includes Jesus being awesome, philosophical insights that rival the greatest thinkers and enough wanking jokes to please any audience, all striving towards Herring trying to blame an unhappy childhood for his current situation.

Richard Herring has a wonderful delivery, presenting a positively cheery and friendly disposition even during his faux-angry arguments with the audience, making it impossible not to become enthralled by the performance. As is to be expected from a veteran comedian, Herring weaves threads of individual jokes in to a rich tapestry that comes together to create a show that is more than the sum of its parts, making it look easy in a way that only someone gifted and hard-working can achieve.

The Headmaster's Son is a wonderful and often surprisingly poignant look back at Richard Herring's teenage years, the comedian letting us share his experiences and private moments amongst a barrage of jokes and bizarre scenarios that keeps the audience laughing for the whole seventy minutes.

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  2. Richard Herring grew up in Cheddar, Somerset.

    By Darrin on Mar 1, 2009

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