Set phasers to 'run away'

12th March 2009 – 11.46 am

The shiny new graphics of Apocrypha can get a capsuleer in trouble. Whilst making my journey from the system holding my corporation's POS to my base of operations I spy what must be a pirate loitering on a high-sec gate, as my ship's computer highlights his vessel with a white skull on a black background. I wonder what kind of ship a pirate would be piloting, and how shiny it would look to me now, so try to sneak a peak at it before jumping through the gate.

Instead of my camera zooming in close to the ship I hear a familiar sound and realise that I am locking-on to the target, as if getting ready to engage it! Realising that my shuttle would probably be no match for, well, anything, I quickly make the jump through the gate and warp to the next one just in case the pirate takes exception to my mistake.

The buttons for 'look at' and 'lock on' really need to be separated.

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  2. Heh, unless you actually fire upon him, you are still protected by CONCORD in high sec. Also, do you have your autolock back turned on? Maybe he targeted you first to scan your cargo to see if you were worth suicide ganking.

    The white skull on black background icon means he has a bounty assigned to him which you can see on his show info page.He may not have been a pirate, just someone who had a price on his head. A true pirate would be unable to loiter in high sec at a gate. :)

    By Kirith Kodachi on Mar 12, 2009

  3. It's good to know I wasn't entirely in danger. I should probably look to remember the various icons, as all the death's head ones make me a little jittery.

    And it wasn't autolock, I really was a complete tool and pressed the wrong button.

    By pjharvey on Mar 12, 2009

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