Getting to know Core Complexion, Inc.

30th March 2009 – 10.46 am

In order to build up research points more quickly to accrue the datacores required for invention I need to increase my standing with a corporation. I have chosen Core Complexion, Inc. because it has level four agents dealing in both mechanical and electronic engineering, which suits me. To increase my standing I need to run missions for the company.

As luck would have it, I based my manufacturing operations in a Core Complexion station, with no grander scheme in mind than I could remember where I had parked. There also happens to be a second Core Complexion station orbiting the same planet, with a level two agent available to talk to me, so I don't need to start with level one missions again. This is perhaps partly thanks to a little training of my social and connections skills but also partly down to the fact that I ran a bunch of low-level missions in Minmatar space when I was in my previous corporation, which has helped my standings with Minmatar factions a little.

The agent I am able to work with is in the manufacturing division, so I will be picking up a lot of courier missions and few combat ones, although that suits me for the time being. I don't need to move my battlecruiser here and can make do with some simpler ships instead, and the courier missions offer quicker, more frequent opportunities to build up standing, even if the individual gains will be less.

As it is apparently my lucky day the first mission completed for my new Core Complexion agent triggers another agent sending me an EVE Mail offering a storyline mission immediately afterwards. It looks like I started working on my reputation at just the right time. Storyline missions offer more significant standing increases over ordinary missions, often with a useful reward too. The storyline mission is another simple courier task, so for picking up some documents and delivering them to the agent I see my standings jump a little, which is a splendid start.

Being offered undemanding courier missions means I should be able to complete quite a few whilst still being able to monitor the market, checking how my modules are selling and seeing if there are any mineral bargains to be snapped up, so I don't need to neglect my industrial endeavours whilst I make friends with Core Complexion, Inc. Everything is coming together nicely at the moment.

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