Moving up in agent level

30th April 2009 – 10.27 am

My agent may have got wind of my whining about getting a succession of mining missions, as the next mission I am offered is a simple courier job. If that weren't enough to keep me happy, once I complete the mission I get a mail from a storyline agent asking for help. It looks like I'll be reaching my current target of a standing of 3.30 with Core Complexion, Inc., to gain access to a level three agent near by, sooner than expected. There is another level three agent that doesn't require quite as much standing to talk to but as he is based in low-sec it would be better to gain that little bit more to stay safe.

I call up my journal to get the details of the storyline mission and find that my agent wants some scordite ore. I could just buy the ore from the market, as there is bound to be plenty of it available, but because it is a common high-sec ore, and I have been out mining fairly regularly on missions lately, I decide to hit a local asteroid field to get my own. I won't even need to swap ships, make multiple voyages, or use a jet can to mine the ore, as the amount requested will fit easily in the White Cat, my mining Osprey. All I need to do is find a suitable scordite asteroid, which should be easy enough, and mine it until my hold fills up. That will even give me some ore to spare, all without the small risk of getting my can flipped.

My endeavour faces an initial set-back when I notice that my current system doesn't have a single asteroid belt in it, but I jump one across to the system of the storyline agent and am welcomed with plenty of choice where to mine. Warping to an arbitrarily chosen belt brings up dozens of asteroids in my overview of many different types. With plenty of scordite rocks to pick from I pilot the White Cat close enough to fire up my mining lasers and a couple of minutes later I have a hold full of scordite ore. A quick trip to the storyline agent's station, less than one AU away, and I accept and complete the mission quickly.

Having completed the mission I check my standings with Core Complexion, Inc. and see another suitable jump thanks to it being a storyline mission, but it's not quite enough to move on from my recently new agent. I head back for more assignments and luckily get a couple of courier missions in succession, the culmination of which gets me to a personal standing of 3.30 with Core Complexion, Inc. With the low quality level three agent now available to me I face another move of my mission base, almost a blink of an eye after moving it to my current agent. The gains from working with a level three agent will be worth it, though.

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