Kidnap kitty's continuing escapades

30th May 2009 – 2.53 pm

My neighbour's cat moved in with me and the neighbour was concerned about the kitty being a nuisance. A couple of short discussions helped convince my neighbour that, actually, I really like cats and I'm fine with her treating my flat like a hotel, as that's what cats do. I get to take care of Panda cat whilst the neighbour goes on holiday, all from the comfort of my own home.

Since then the neighbour has returned from holiday and, despite a brief overnight disappearance of Panda at the same time, kidnap kitty has remained quite firmly ensconced within my abode. The situation remains pretty much as it was before, where Kenickie and Panda get on together surprisingly well, with only the occasional scrap that they get out of their system, and both of them enjoying their own preferred relaxation spots without having to avoid each other. It's quite a happy little home.

Even though I know Panda thinks she is at home with me I still have moments of bewilderment about how comfortable she is. There was that time when I came home late from a day out to find Panda waiting to be fed, instead of heading back to her owner; she will jump on to the bed some mornings to say hello; and will spend days inside even when she isn't expecting me to be home from work. It still strikes me as a little odd on occasion, however much I like her company too.

I got another sign the other night. Panda returns from her outdoor adventures with a mouse she has caught, a gift for me, I suppose. I'm impressed, but also a little worried that the little fellow is still alive and scurrying around. However, Panda keeps a good eye on her prey and doesn't let it elude her, unlike Kenickie. Don't get me wrong, Kenickie is the best cat, it's just that he can be easily distracted. I have seen a mouse or two make good their escape when something shiny catches his eye. However much I guide or carry Kenickie to the new hiding place of the mouse he will insist that it must be where he personally last saw the rodent, before spending the rest of the evening hunting and scratching around that empty spot in vain.

In contrast, Panda almost cradles the mouse in her front paws, never losing sight or sense of it. This is good, as it allows me to get my surprisingly adaptable Blessed Cup of Spider Catching and a bit of stiff paper and still know where the mouse is. I manage to trap the mouse safely and escort it outside, where it probably isn't all that safe still but at least my cables and cords are safer. I'm not sure Panda is too impressed by this act of compassion as I find a dead mouse near my computer desk a couple of days later, although I can't make a positive I.D. on the victim. There is one conclusion I can draw, though, and that is I now have two active hunter kitties living with me.

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