Getting back to encounter missions

8th July 2009 – 5.50 pm

I'm still working with my manufacturing agent for Core Complexion, Inc., aiming to improve my standings to gain access to level four R&D agents so that I can get a steady stream of datacores and continue pushing invention jobs through the laboratory. Most of the missions given to me by the agent are simple courier tasks, where the biggest decision I have to make is which ship to take, dependent on piloting the most agile ship with a hold big enough to haul the required volume of cargo. It's not more interesting than it sounds.

That courier missions are simpler and quicker to complete probably means there is some balance involved in the standing gains, but if they took the same amount of time and offered the same gains in standing I would rather fly a couple of encounter missions than a dozen courier missions. Encounter missions are more challenging, require interaction and experience, and are a more interesting use of my time. I can also refine all the mission loot in to minerals for manufacture, which works out much better than either having to find cheap minerals on the market or going to mine the ore for myself.

In the quiet time warping from stargate to stargate I browse the list of Core Complexion, Inc. agents to see if I can get a change of pace, but there are precious few opportunities to work for their internal security or non-existent navy in the hope of getting more encounter missions. However, there is an agent in the personnel division and, in my experience of EVE Online, personnel is more about resolving differences with brutal space combat than a chat over coffee and biscuits.

A quick check of an on-line resources confirms my suspicions about the higher probability of getting encounter missions with a personnel agent than my current manufacturing one and, to clinch the move, the new agent is in the region of my manufacturing and trade hub, which will make monitoring the market much more convenient. I throw eveything in to my pod and start moving ships again.

Of course, after I introduce myself the first mission I am given is a courier job, such is the bitter humour of a New Eden agent, but then I start getting encounter missions. It is not long before I am blowing up rats, enemies of the alliance, and a restaurant that once served the agent cold soup, taking out the Marquis of Granby to salvage the loot afterwards. I am going to be much happier and more productive working for this agent, I can tell.

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  2. I really enjoy reading your Eve posts, they give me an ichy resubscribe finger =)

    By Varakkys on Jul 9, 2009

  3. I appreciate the kind comment and am glad you enjoy my tales, thank you.

    By pjharvey on Jul 9, 2009

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