Invention and skills update

31st July 2009 – 5.20 pm

Being out of w-space for a while, as I buy and fit a new Drake, a quick check shows that my level four R&D agents have been beavering away creating datacores for me. The number of datacores available to be bought bodes well for further invention attempts leading to Tech II BPCs to manufacture. A quick change of ships and my first destination set and I am speeding across the galaxy to collect the fruits of my research contracts.

It seems that I have managed to work with agents on diametrically opposed edges of high-sec, as not only is it over a dozen jumps to get to the first agent but my autopilot then guides me almost past my manufacturing base as I head to the second agent on the thirty-hop route. Perhaps I should look again at piloting a transport ship, for added speed with cargo capabilities. Circuitous trips notwithstanding, I eventually have a bounty of datacores sitting in my station hold.

After making the many jumps back-and-forth is perhaps the most unfortunate time to remember that I had planned to delay running more invention jobs until I find time to train the appropriate skills to at least level four each, which I haven't done just yet. Whilst Caldari encryption techniques is trained to level four—as are mechanical and electronic engineering, once I find out that the skill level increases daily accumulation of research points—my skill in Gallente encryption techniques still needs a couple of days training to get to a respectable level, and my starship engineering skill langours at a level that would only result in throwing away datacores if I tried to invent a Tech II ship.

I could look at the positive side and note that at least I have a useful stash of datacores available to me, but I'm not sure what that actually achieves. Instead, perhaps the positive aspect is that I am reminded of my current skill training objectives. Primarily, with the wormhole engineering branch of the corporation in w-space, I am training to be able to fit and use a warfare link module in my Drake, which is going to take a couple of weeks. Rather than getting distracted by some shorter-term goals I must focus and stick to the plan, particularly given the stability of wormholes and the viability of remaining in w-space for extended periods, otherwise I may find that the days I dedicate to training the leadership skills almost going to waste.

I have other goals for my skill training too. I am only a few days away from completing my core competencies up to the standard level, and perhaps a couple of weeks or so from the improved level. It would probably be prudent to set this as my secondary target, because finally completing the longer shield- and capacitor-based skills could make a small but significant difference to possible ship fittings.

Invention is certainly an important consideration for my skill training, as I am planning to train the survey skill so that I can find cryptographic and archeological sites in an attempt to get some decryptors, which are useful in improving Tech II BPCs. I aim to complete the survey skills first and then train the encryption skills, directly necessary for invention, whilst I am scanning down sites for loot. I may also buy and fit a new ship for scanning the sites, but as that is likely to be weeks away I don't need to concern myself with the details just yet.

I start out getting excited about the possibility of producing more Tech II BPCs before remembering that I am better served waiting until my skills are improved. This leads to realising my current skill training plan, aimed at improving team survivability in w-space, then my own survivability, before returning to invention skills. It may seem a long while before I'll be churning out Tech II BPCs, but the planning is to enable greater chances of success and better quality BPCs as a result. Besides, nothing much happens quickly in EVE Online, except perhaps a ship's structure vapourising.

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