Back in the pocket

14th August 2009 – 5.06 pm

Operations continue in the w-space system we have declared our own, undeterred by occasional losses, even if they are unsettling. It is all a learning experience and as long as we continue to adapt we will be successful and profitable in the rich w-space environment. Despite the loss of mining ships and a clone recently the wormhole engineers are back out in gravimetric sites drilling in to huge rocks of arkonor and bistot.

To help prevent another brutal ambush we are in the site with a battleship escort, whose presence will be picked up probes. Guarding a few mining ships may not seem like a particularly glamorous task for a battleship pilot, but with the exotic mineral asteroids measuring in the tens of thousands of units it is certainly profitable. We are also more vigilant in checking the directional scanner built in to every ship, ready to sound the alert should any unknown ships or, more importantly, combat probes be spotted in the system.

Half-way through transferring an arkonor asteroid in to our holds—why we can't simply cram the whole rock in to an Orca, or tractor it back to a refinery I don't know—our battleship escort capsuleer lets out a strangled curse. 'Don't scare me like that', he says. Hmm? 'I was trying to find the Awakened Preserver!' Oh, right.

My idea to give jet-cans false names to fool the less observant intruders in to thinking the jet-can is anything but an inert floating container was initially rebuffed amidst claims that capsuleers look at the type of the object when scanning, that the name would not mislead anyone. But apparently it can fool some people some of the time. The pilot probably has a point that I ought not to name the jet-can after a Sleeper ship, though.

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  2. Heh, amusing story. :)

    By Kirith Kodachi on Aug 14, 2009

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