Stumbling over Manticores

11th September 2009 – 7.11 pm

In-between inventing and building the Crane I install some more starship invention jobs. To reduce the datacore attrition I plan to invent Manticore stealth bombers from Kestrel BPCs, which requires only two of each datacore per job instead of the eight of each the Badgers consume. I'm happily surprised to find a much improved rate of success for the Kestrel inventions, with five Manticore BPCs dropped in my hangar out of ten attempts. I can almost smell the profit.

Whilst it may seem like I've calmed the capricious chasm of datacore consumption it is not quite the case, because despite being able to invent Manticores I don't actually have the skills to manufacture them. The invention pixies are merely teasing me. Retooling my production line and training the workforce to build Manticores will cost me a chunk of ISK and cut in to my precious training time towards the Damnation, and I'm already having to resist shiny short-term skill training goals threatening to distract me from piloting my crow-ship.

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  2. The first two Manti's rolled off the assembly line today. I've got them up for sale and hopefully we can pick up the parts for the rest of them out of the profits [stop laughing at that].

    By Kename Fin on Sep 11, 2009

  3. Oh, that's excellent. Thanks, Fin!

    By pjharvey on Sep 12, 2009

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