Crane pleasure cruise

21st September 2009 – 5.15 pm

I pop out of w-space to keep my industrial operations running. My module sales keep ticking over nicely, and I need to keep an eye on market stock levels, but I am mostly concerned with researching the material costs of the new rig blueprints, so that I can liquidate the salvage I have accumulated. With the BPOs back in the laboratory being researched I head back in Tigress II to my Lai Dai mission base, giving me the opportunity to run missions whilst I wait for an indication that others are ready to explode some Sleeper ships.

Asking for the current entrance to w-space gets me a system twenty two jumps away, which is nothing for a Crane transport ship. I undock and head to the wormhole system, getting myself ready for combat. A quick check of the auto-pilot system shows that my journey can be shortened if I head through low-sec for a while, but as five low-sec jumps for a two-jump overall reduction doesn't seem like a good compromise I stick to high-sec systems.

I am soon in the destination system and ask for a guide to the wormhole. A corporation colleague obliges, and I get myself pulled in to w-space. It is only when I try to warp to the corporation's tower that I realise there has been a miscommunication. The corporation is currently using a two-system set-up, one being a permanent w-space base with laboratories for reactions, and the occasional sortie to Sleeper sites as they spawn, the other a roaming tower that is moves between suitable w-space systems, harvesting sites quickly until the system is bare. I wanted to get to the roaming tower, where Non-sentient Ship is stored, but I am guided to the permanent tower.

There isn't much for me to do in the w-space system with the permanent tower, if only because I have no other ships here apart from the Crane I travelled in. Oh well, it may be a twenty two jump trip back but I'm still in the gorgeous Crane. And a friend turns up in her Crane, making our small region of space officially cooler than the cosmic background radiation. The evening isn't a complete waste, as I get to take a few pictures of our two ships ignoring everything else in the universe.

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