More motivation for Lai Dai mission running

24th September 2009 – 5.25 pm

Cranes, Bustards and Manticores, oh my! I may not have been terribly successful with my recent invention jobs, in league with an industrial and corporation friend, but a decent number and variation of Tech II ship BPCs are returned. Even though not all of the BPCs have been handed over to manufacturing to build the ships, my thoughts turn to installing more invention jobs to keep the BPCs flowing. After all, there is not much point in having multiple R&D agents working on datacores if you're not going to use them.

Naturally, I cannot use the datacores for invention if I don't have them, and to get hold of them means visiting my R&D agents. Although I didn't need to relocate too far when building up my standings with Core Complexion, Inc. the R&D agents specialising in mechanical engineering are scattered to the four corners of high-sec space. Even in Tigress II, my own Crane, the sixty-odd jump round-trip to visit the agents can get a little tedious. This is where having an auto-pilot and some spare time comes in handy. I set my destination, activate the auto-pilot, then keep myself entertained for the journey.

Meanwhile, my industrial partner heads to Lonetrek and makes about five jumps to visit all her R&D agents and pick up a new batch of datacores. I may have started improving my standing with Lai Dai to get the Caldari starship engineering datacores, but the added benefit of having all the agents lumped closely together looks good too. I shall have to investigate the availability of mechanical engineering specialists in Lai Dai. Far less travel time could be a good motivator to continue my mission running for the NPC corporation.

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  2. Mechanical Engineering with Lai Dai is spotty at best. They are lazy at it and often don't do it very efficiently. I'm also in the market for some good MechEng R&D, but would like to avoid the laborious jump-a-thon that goes with pick up all my 'cores. Maybe we can come up with something that works in the mean time.


    By Kename Fin on Sep 24, 2009

  3. I may only need to find the one good Lai Dai mechanical engineer, so that I can employ him and sack a Core Complexion, Inc, engineer half the galaxy away.

    If you need a sucker to collect the mechanical engineering 'cores, I think you already found one.

    By pjharvey on Sep 25, 2009

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