7th October 2009 – 5.02 pm

Knowing is half the battle. Being able to recognise why I spend most of a session holed up in a station, rather than enjoying the impressive vistas of space, lets me focus my attention on making some progress, however small. Well, that and the large tower in w-space accidentally runs out of fuel, sending it and all its anchored modules off-line, which is a somewhat serious situation. I am tasked to throw some fuel in my Crane and hurtle off to restock the tower's fuel bay, bringing everything back on-line.

Refuelling the tower is hardly a glamorous activity, nor is it particularly social this time, as the emergency run is a solo affair, other corporation members performing slower logistical moves elsewhere. However, it is certainly necessary, and that it is part of a grander scheme is what appeals in particular to me. Whilst I still have some individual activities available in New Eden, mostly keeping my production line ticking over and the occasional mission running, being able to get involved in more coordinated efforts is really making me appreciate being in a friendly and progressive corporation.

My industrial efforts are being helped along by combining datacores with a partner for Tech II ship invention. A recent batch of invention attempts was quite productive, two Crane blueprints coming out of the laboratory with only three accompanying failed attempts. The manufacturing requirements of the Crane transport ships are also shared, leaning on our relevant strengths and availabilities. Even running missions is more interesting with more capsuleers. It may be possible to breeze through most missions by myself, but having others along allows for more reckless approaches to deadspace areas full of cruisers and battleships.

The main focus for most of the corporation at the moment is still wormhole operations, an area that demands cooperation. I am guided in to the w-space system holding the large tower, where I refuel the tower and spend a little time making sure everything is okay. Another capsuleer is available to bring all the systems on-line, so I head back out to k-space where I rush my Crane a couple of dozen systems to catch up with the other logistics operation, the moving of the medium tower in to a new w-space location. I manage to get to the k-space waypoint one jump ahead of the slightly scattered convoy, where I wait and end up making several jumps back-and-forth between k-space and w-space, hauling modules and supplies for the new system.

The new tower gets set-up in w-space. I take my Crane back out to k-space and dock in the closest station. It's quite late and I'm tired. I haven't been able to bring my w-space Drake here, partly because of the earlier refuelling, as I wasn't sure if the ponderous Drake would be able to catch up with the convoy, but that's okay. I have been useful with the Crane in helping get everything ready for another day. I'm sure that when a suitable wormhole entrance appears I'll be called in to fight against the Sleepers, once again working as a team to overcome the greater challenge.

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