Skill training continues towards Damnation

8th October 2009 – 5.11 pm

Having a long skill in the training queue makes for less maintenance, not needing at least once a day to keep the queue filled, which in itself is an improvement over having to know, and be logged-in, precisely when each skill is due to complete. Adding a three-week skill to the queue is a little demoralising, knowing that no direct character progression will occur until that extended period has passed, but at least I won't have to keep an eye on the queue for a while. However, it is dangerous to get in to the habit of not checking the progress of skill training, as its completion could crawl past with nothing new entered in to the queue. In the real-time skill system of EVE Online, not having a skill training at all times is a cardinal sin.

If the first week of training a long skill is spent noting that there are still weeks to pass before the queue needs to be modified, the continual checking making the training seem longer than it is, then the second week is spent trying desperately not to check the queue every hour or so. By the third week, I learn to ignore the static skill queue, such that I almost need klaxons and flashing lights to warn me that the training will complete within the day. Luckily, learning my lesson after losing a few hours of training earlier on my path to Damnation, I remain somewhat aware of the conclusion of battlecruiser V, catching it with about eighteen hours before completion.

After what seems like an age, having battlecruisers V within a day of completion finally allows me to add a new skill to the end of my queue. In celebration, and to promote a furthering sense of achieving my goal of piloting a Damnation, I buy the logistics skill book and inject it. I stack the first two levels of logistics to train after battlecruiser V finishes, before sinking back in to the depravity that is Amarr cruisers. It is refreshing to revisit my skill training queue after more than three weeks focussing on battlecruisers, but now I must endure again as the final two levels of Amarr cruiser complete.

In the mean time, with the feeling that my Drake will soon become even more resistant to damage, as well as delivering more potent missiles, I pilot Tigress II up to my Lai Dai mission base, where A Matter of Brevity welcomes my pod back in to her neural interface. My Lai Dai agents have the same situation with Guristas as I do with time, both of us having some to kill. A couple of missions later and I gain access to the high quality level three Lai Dai agent in the same station. I didn't realise my standings were increasing so satisfactorily. It may not be much longer before I have a good quality level four R&D agent in Lai Dai researching some datacores for me.

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  2. I just recently did Battlecruisers V this past summer and it was a slog! Congrats on getting it done.

    P.S. Wait until Battleship V :(

    By Kirith Kodachi on Oct 8, 2009

  3. oh do I ever feel your pain! I just finished Caldari Cruisers V, and am now about to slug out the wait for Battlecruisers V.

    The wait for that dark, menacing Nighthawk will surely be worth it.

    By Squizz Caphinator on Oct 8, 2009

  4. Thanks, chaps. I'll probably belabour the point in direct proportion to the time spent training.

    By pjharvey on Oct 8, 2009

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