Hidden treasure

18th October 2009 – 3.02 pm

There is a strangely familiar feeling, comfortingly nostalgic, about running around Duskwood and finding the occasional metal-bound wooden chest incongruously jutting out of the grassy northen bank. I can't quite put my finger on what is causing the sensation of déjà vu, or why it is so strong, until images of Ghosts and Goblins, and its sequel Ghouls and Ghosts, pop in to my head.

It is the grassy, banked landscape and archetypal style of treasure chest that invokes the nostalgia, having years ago spent so much time hunting down the hidden chests in Ghouls and Ghosts, stuck on that first level for ages, that makes the Duskwood treasure chests so evocate to me. Having Raven Hill Cemetery within view only strengthens the connection, its wandering ghouls and zombies no doubt making me want to double-jump whilst hurling daggers in their direction.

Ah, good days.

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