Deserting the deserted

23rd October 2009 – 5.52 pm

The strain of running towers in two w-space systems is showing. The main tower is in a low class system with a static high-sec exit, allowing reliable access to k-space and the normal missions and industrial operations it offers. But we don't set up a w-space operation so that we can run missions for NPCs. We're in it for the iskies. The same convenience that a system with a static high-sec exit provides also reduces its utility, with fewer opportunities to plunder adjacent w-space systems. And once the Sleepers have been routed from the system there is little else to do but mine, which doesn't hold much interest for battleship capsuleers.

Now that the mobile tower has been moved in to a deeper w-space system we are seeing the benefits. Each day we find wormholes leading to a couple of systems new to us, one of which normally has an exit to k-space. The only drawback to the continual refreshing of encounter sites to run, of all types, is not being able to clear them all of profit quickly enough, which is far from a complaint. As long as we have a strong enough fleet we can hit the highest profit sites first and work our way down, until everyone is tired and needs to return to the tower to rest.

All the action is at the mobile tower, which is soon likely to be put up on bricks and wired in to the grid. Because of this, it comes as little surprise that the static tower is mostly deserted. It is understood that we need to maintain some presence, to keep the tower running, for access between k- and w-space, and to present a more credible threat to intruders than an empty tower, but when there is Sleeper destruction happening elsewhere no one really wants to stay there. It is probably time to pack up and move on.

Apart from running reactions needed for Tech III construction, which I am blissfully unaware of currently, keeping the static tower running is only dividing the attention of some of the engineers. I'm not sure what the plan will be when the static tower is dismantled. I hope we continue to work towards Tech III production instead of driving purely for profit. But it is definitely in everyone's interest to keep the wormhole engineers as co-operatively involved as possible.

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  2. I am confused... How do you get between the two towers? Doesn't the WH linking them close up? Is there always a link between certain WH systems?

    By Jaggins on Oct 23, 2009

  3. Essentially, we have been maintaining two separate w-space systems, with no reliable link between them.

    As I understand it, the first tower was set-up as part of the engineers' first w-space expedition, and was intended to run reactions for Tech III production. The only problem was that our aspirations quickly outgrew the low-class system. We weren't sure how well we would survive in a more difficult or deeper system, so kept the main tower and shipped a medium tower to new systems, allowing us to be more mobile with fewer structures to haul.

    Now that we are feeling capable in a deeper, more productive system it is likely there is a plan afoot to strip down the tower in the first system and settle down in deeper w-space.

    By pjharvey on Oct 25, 2009

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