Warping to a point in space

1st November 2009 – 7.44 pm

With a probe launcher fitted, I can open the system scanner, choose any arbitrary point in the solar system, and warp a probe to that point. But I cannot do the same with my ship. I'm not sure what makes probes so special in this instance.

I know that EVE Online tries to maintain a realistic experience sometimes at the cost of simplicity, but obvious discrepancies in comparable systems have to be addressed so that needless complexity can be reduced. In the case of making safe-spots, it would be much simpler and quicker to pick a spot from the scanner's interface than having to make several warp jumps.

One step forwards would be to allow a probe's position to be bookmarked, regardless of where it is, which would also offer the explanation that a point in space needs to be known as safe before a ship can travel to it. Making safe-spots would then be easier, but require a probe launcher to be fitted at least initially. It would also be simple to explain that extra-system radiation disrupts warping outside of the furthest planet or too far off the ecliptic plane, to prevent excessively distant placement of safe-spots.

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  2. I suspect it might be kind of horrible in pvp.

    Game design that makes it harder for people to kill each other is probably not a good direction since Eve is so much about looong waits between bursts of action.

    By Stabs on Nov 1, 2009

  3. I agree with your idea. I don't think this would really affect PVP, as any non-newb is going to make safes the old way before they utilize a system...

    By Jaggins on Nov 1, 2009

  4. Heh, it is also currently possible to warp a probe way, way, way off the grid. I had one out so far that it took nearly 2 minutes to warp back to me on recovery. The 64km scan range on the combat probe looked like a planet out in the distance when viewed on the horizontal plane. It was a couple hundred AU out. THAT would be a safe spot.

    By Kename Fin on Nov 3, 2009

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