Extra skill books

22nd November 2009 – 3.35 pm

Poking my nose out in of w-space, I find myself in Amarr territory. If this is what passes as civilisation I think I'll go back to the Sleepers. Actually, I'll gome home to Caldari space, which is a much better option. On the journey, I browse the market and certificate system to see if there are any skills I can buy to keep my training going for a while. One skill catches my eye, but it looks too good to be true. Drone interfacing gives a 20% boost to drone damage per skill level, pushes me enticingly closer to piloting a carrier, and I have the requisite skills to start learning it. A military academy is only one jump away at this point, so I quickly buy a copy of the skill book and make a slight diversion to pick it up.

With the book safely in my hold, I re-engage the auto-pilot to get me back on my way. Unfortunately, injecting the skill book results in failure, as apparently I can't learn the same skill twice. Not checking my character sheet is a silly mistake, but what's done is done. Back in Caldari space, I have some modules fresh off the production line and ready to go to market. When restocking one of the stations I supply, I notice that it is a good few jumps from the nearest academy. I also know, from experience if nothing else, that some capsuleers prize time over ISK. Combining the two circumstances, I opportunistically put the drone interfacing skill book on the market, with a 20% overhead charge.

The book sells within a couple of days. If only all of my mistakes could be this profitable. Maybe I should put my extra copy of advanced weapon upgrades on the market too. In the meantime, I take the advice to train cloaking up to level IV, to give access to the covert ops cloaking device II. I am assured it will allow me to warp whilst cloaked, although there is no mention of this on the data sheet beyond the speed penalty listed as 0%. It would be good if this kind of information were clearer.

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