Crashing spaceships in a vacuum

11th December 2009 – 5.24 pm

I'm not available for long, so I log-in to update my skill queue, adding a couple of minor but useful skills at the end. The extra skills are just enough a delay to extend my training so that my current skill can end and I can start learning a secondary skill that requires the first. It still isn't possible to inject a skill to the end of a queue if the required skill isn't trained yet, even if it will finish as part of the queue completing itself. Not being able to do so is understandable, it just needs some finagling to get the required result.

Thinking about another new ship, and some added security for w-space operations, I look at what modules I may need to fit, finding I could use another skill. It's not cheap, but I've long since been worried about spending ten million ISK here and there. The academy is four jumps away, I can extend my short session to pick up the skill book, so I set my destination and undock. Select the first stargate, punch the warp drive active, activate auto-pilot. It won't take long.

I jump through the first gate to the next system, and wait. And wait. My Crane is stationery. Turning off the auto-pilot and manually warping to the stargate doesn't help. Oh well, the client hanging happens occasionally. I force New Eden to vanish and reload, jumping through to the adjacent system, where I abruptly stop again. Another reload, another hang. These repeated hangs are not good. I believe the bug that bit me earlier this week involved AP travel through high-sec, and I will not be pleased if my settings are corrupted again, even if I have a back-up. I just want to get my skill book and continue on my way, I don't need to be bothered with malfunctioning client software, particularly when the fix has apparently been deployed.

I'll fly the last jump manually, just to get my skill book injected, after which I can leave New Eden for a while and cool down. But even manual flight is too much for the client to handle. Four jumps through high-sec space, and I only make three. Five times the client hangs. I log on one last time, not to navigate but to file a petition. I am a little angry, but try to remain informative and reasonable. I just want the client to work, I don't want to spend my subscription money only to be locked out.

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  2. The petition has been answered, and amounts to 'clear your settings'. It makes sense. The first corruption was on my desktop machine, but I also logged in using my notebook thinking it might be the installation and not a bug. Today, it was my notebook client causing problems, and the previous use of this machine before the patch could have caused minor corruption of my settings that the patch won't fix.

    All my windows will reset if I clear the cache, but I should be able to export the newly configured overview from the desktop machine and import it to the notebook, saving a lot of hassle.

    My thanks to the support agent who didn't get ruffled at the frustration I conveyed in the petition.

    By pjharvey on Dec 11, 2009

  3. In unrelated news, CONCORD reports that a Caldari Crane Blockade runner was seen jumping through gates and then trying to apply the brakes mid-jump, resulting in massive, multi-ship pile-ups at the several gates. Witnesses said it looked as if the pilot was suffering from some kind of frame-shifted temporal neurological schizophrenia. The pilot could not be reached for comment.

    By Kename Fin on Dec 13, 2009

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