Multitasking and elite core targeting

19th December 2009 – 3.59 pm

Back when the certificate system is first introduced to capsuleers in New Eden, I wonder why the multitasking skill is required for certification in core targeting, particularly at only the standard level. As much as I would like to lock on to a dozen targets, all ships have a hard limit to the number of targets they can lock. None of my current ships can lock more than six, so training multitasking to the first level, to be able to lock eight targets, seems redundant. Then I realise that my Drake battlecruiser can actually lock eight targets, and I keep my grumbles quiet whilst training the multitasking skill.

Getting the multitasking skill to level three won't take long, less than a day, but it seems a waste of time, even if it grants the elite core targeting certificate. I could fit a module that allows my ship to lock more targets, but that would be at the sacrifice of DPS or tank, and PvE combat is straightforward enough that locking eight targets in the Drake is a more of a convenience than necessity. With missiles launched at one target and drones on another, and my next targets locked and ready once the current ones are destroyed, I only really need to have four targets locked at any one time. Having more targets locked simply serves to make target selection easier.

Now I have my Guardian. The logistics ship has the integral capability of locking ten targets simultaneously. But the wormhole engineer fleets are small, and whilst I am only repairing I don't need to lock on to any ships apart from the fleet, using up around half of the targeting capability. This serves me well whilst I am getting used to managing my reppers and transfer arrays across the ships. When I am comfortable with repping, I have my drones to consider. The drones perhaps don't add much to the overall DPS of the fleet, but they still add damge, and are quite useful against frigates. To deploy the drones I need to target hostile ships, which uses up my targeting capability quickly when combined with needing to keep the fleet targeted. My targeting capability, but not the Guardian's.

Having a legitimate need and a spare day, it is time to train multitasking up to level three. I may be rewarded the elite core targeting certificate, but that is secondary to being able to use the systems of the Guardian logistic ship more effectively. I need to keep training other support skills to the same end.

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  2. I ran into the exact same issue. I was fairly loathe to actually train Multitasking III even with my over-active sense of completionism [see for example training everything else to level V]. Multitasking alone really seemed an overly pointless and ridiculous skill that only served to make certificates useful beyond a certain point.

    In the end though, the need to lock the team for repping, Sleepers for the drones and occasionally one of our own sentry drones for reps really sealed the deal. Multitasking III went into the queue, and Elite Core Targeting came out. I would have rather had chocolate.

    By Kename Fin on Dec 20, 2009

  3. Another option: you could use Light Armor/Shield Maintenance Bots for extra repping on your fleet, and thus avoid targeting enemies completely.

    But for Logis, I agree more targeting is better.

    By Btek on Dec 20, 2009

  4. I ❤ Logistic Droans.

    Unfortunately, do Sleeper weapons. Throwing out a set of armor/shield droans seems to draw their ire fairly quickly and quickly reduce your droans to dust.

    By Kename Fin on Dec 20, 2009

  5. When I started reading about this skill in the first part of the post in a weird way other than the obvious for targeting what other advantage is there to Multitasking on more targets. I think rather that's a skill that a person doing support can rather like or see advantage in and benefit a good size group or ships. I immediately thought of my many years tanking in World of Warcraft as a Paladin and back in the old days of WoW as well. Yeah weird, but tanking is/was multitasking. If mobs can be seen as ships for targets then as a tank you had plenty to keep track of and deal with. Where the multitasking end of things came into play was that not only did I have to keep track of all my targets but I also had everyone in my party of 5 and 10 in my group also targeted to keep track of them to spot trouble for aggro or needing a 911 bubble or RD cast on them. Tanking while still doing support all in one. Considering the multitasking skill in EVE for the purpose of more target targeting I can see how a logistic ship can find that useful if you have a good size fleet to keep track of rep other ships as needed already having them viewed keeping track of as support targets other than something else as a offensive target.

    By Ardent Defender on Aug 25, 2010

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