Three scanning boats are better than one

27th January 2010 – 5.37 pm

Cosmic signatures having reference codes simplifies multi-capsuleer scanning. Rather than having to return to the corporation's w-space tower or jettison a container in order to share bookmarks, it can be more time-efficient to give the reference of a found site and let others interested resolve the signature independently. This is significantly helpful when one capsuleer is in an adjacent system with probes out, scanning for sites of specific Sleeper interest, and a second capsuleer wakes up at the tower. The reference of the connecting wormhole can be given to the new arrival, instead of having to recall probes and return to drop off a bookmark.

I start to feel a bit guilty after my colleague has spent the last five minutes scanning in our system. 'Penny said the signature of the wormhole is 'UYF', and I'm still looking for it.' Oops, that was my cat walking across the keyboard, coincidentally at the time you ask for the signature and also coincidentally hitting only three plausible letters. He finds the wormhole soon afterwards, once he ignores my help. But the idea of sharing references amongst scanners is sound. We then start a chain of scanning.

The neighbouring system is unnoccupied and full of signatures. A wormhole is found, and two of us pass through to the next system. But with so many signatures left to resolve, one colleague stays behind to try to find any interesting sites. The second system also reveals a wormhole quite quickly, and again we split our efforts. One chap takes point and starts scanning the new system, whilst I hold back and try to complete the scan of the second system.

The first two systems are scanned quite heavily, as they are more likely to be visited by us for combat with Sleepers. But the overhead involved in running a salvaging boat more than a couple of systems deep makes it much more awkward to recover any profit from the sites, particularly as we don't have enough bodies to run a dedicated salvager. So in the system ahead the scanning is concentrated on finding wormholes that could lead to an exit, and two wormholes have been found. One heads to null-sec in New Eden, the other a class 2 w-space system. Only looking for wormholes, our man at point ventures futher to find that the class 2 system yields high-sec exit.

The division of labour produces good results, without diminishing the satisfaction of the effort involved. The nearby systems present some decent sites to pillage for profit, and a good exit is found to New Eden. I take advantage of the high-sec exit to pick up some more suitable siege launchers for my Manticore, reducing the powergrid needs, and buying the Graviton Physics skill book, after which I return home to w-space safely.

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