Other people scanning

17th February 2010 – 5.39 pm

Other people scanning is the sort of activity I can get behind. I am at the tower as two other capsuleers are looking for sites of specific Sleeper interest, or an exit to New Eden. One chap is searching for a rich gravimetric site which he hopes to use to entice new recruits to the corporation, promises of mining exotic ores appealing to industrial types, but he can't find anything suitable. Maybe he doesn't know which end of a scanning probe to launch, as he wonders why he turns up in another black hole system after leaving one earlier. 'Maybe it's the same one', he's told, although he assures us it isn't. It's a reasonable point to make, as he has scanned his way back to the same system before.

Meanwhile, another capsuleer is being told quite firmly to get out of a system by a Raven pilot, but with rather more swearing. It's not much of a threat to the Buzzard pilot, and she takes her covert operations boat to a safe spot and scans the system whilst cloaked. That's not to say the insult is taken lightly. Keeping a close eye on the directional scanner, when she sees the local pilots disappear through a wormhole to run sites in a neighbouring system our pilot warps to all the sites in her current system, anomaly or otherwise, to activate each site's despawn timer. Their corporation may be upset when their local sites disappear unexpectedly. Courtesy costs nothing.

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