Getting the clone home

29th April 2010 – 5.01 pm

Another early start to scanning. This time, instead of one of pilots getting isolated on the wrong side of a collapsed wormhole, our scan man got in to trouble and woke up in a new clone in empire space. We need a route to get him home. I am already in my Buzzard and my search starts early enough that the signature references haven't yet changed, so ignoring our local sites is easier than normal. I resolve the BEZ signature in our home system and job's a good 'un, it's our static wormhole. I warp to it and jump through, finding myself in an unoccupied system, at which point Fin also wakes up and comes out to help scan for an exit.

Using my system of comparing a known but unresolved wormhole signature in order to find other wormholes in the system, I locate a wormhole on my first pick. I jump through to an occupied system, but one where there are a couple of defences somewhere other than the system's tower. Whilst I continue my efforts scanning signatures using probes, I also use my directional scanner to find these artillery batteries, warping to see them incapacitated around a distant moon. They both have complete armour damage and some structural damage, and I cannot unanchor either of them, but Fin thinks that maybe if we get a Guardian logistics ship to repair the defences we may be able to recover them as our own. I continue scanning.

My search for the next wormhole sees four signatures identified at the same time, all being close enough for the probes to register their type. The one I had selected and two other signatures turn out to be ladar gas mining sites, but a fourth registers as 'unknown', a wormhole, which is a lucky find. It turns out to be an incoming wormhole, having the K162 designation, so I keep looking for the system's static wormhole before jumping further. I locate the static wormhole, a low-sec exit to empire space, but it is both EOL and critically unstable, making it unsuitable for travel. Seeing no more wormholes I jump through the K162 to continue.

The system is occupied and there are probes visible on d-scan. I drop my own probes and start scanning anyway, there being no obvious threat at the moment. There is a wormhole on the outer planet in the system, and conveniently enough it is a high-sec exit leading to Lonetrek. That's a pretty decent route uncovered, and hopefully should see our scan man return to us soon. I poke my nose in to empire space and dock to contract a copy of the bookmarks leading back home to our colleague. It's only a short stay in k-space, as I then turn around and head back to our tower in w-space, mission accomplished.

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