6th May 2010 – 3.43 pm

A strange object appears from nowhere. A six-foot tall slab stands proud in the middle of The Company's seating area in the lobby, where employees and guests enjoy drinks and snacks from the coffee bar. Our watering hole, if you like. The monolithic structure is not featureless, it holds rectangles full of symbols, 'information'.

My friend and I are curious but wary. We forget our drinks and approach the object, coiled on our haunches in case we need to quickly retreat. Cautiously, haltingly, we get closer, closer, until we are within arm's reach. A hand stretches out only to be snatched back before touching the object, some yelps uttered in anxiety.

The object is approached again, and a hand reaches out a second time, and a third. But each time it is snatched away before the object can hurt us. More primal noises are made, another attempt to touch the object. Its wisdom will be imparted to us.

Luckily, the atrium isn't particularly busy this morning, so we don't get kicked out for acting like idiots. Nor do we end up clubbing each other with the empty paper coffee cups strewn around.

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