Scanning some emptiness

8th May 2010 – 3.34 pm

An early start, an empty system. I find a bookmark for our static wormhole dropped in our shared can, a bookmark that hasn't been visited yet. It's time to open the connection and visit today's neighbours. At least, it would be, if we had neighbours. Next door is empty and holds only a few signatures. I still manage to find rocks, rocks, and more rocks, then get gas before a wormhole presents itself. It is a static connection to a class 1 system, and I jump through to another unoccupied system.

More gas and rocks, then I resolve a wormhole. Warping to the wormhole reveals it to be a static exit to null-sec empire space. Having found a static wormhole in each system, if I can't find any other wormholes then my exploration for the morning will end rather abruptly. There are two more signatures to resolve in this system and they both turn out to be magnetometric sites, leaving me nowhere to go except to visit null-sec for the mark of exploration and then head home. At least we will have relative safety to clear some Sleeper sites later, if we get a fleet, but for now I take a break.

Returning a bit later, I head out for another look around our neighbouring systems, hoping a K162 or two has opened and brought visitors. The class 1 system has scanner probes visible on the directional scanner, which is a promising start. I consider getting some piloting practice in my interceptor and loiter on the C4 side of the connecting wormhole, hoping to catch the scanner when he comes through. But, after waiting a while, no one comes. I get bored and jump back in to the C1 to find no probes or ships visible on d-scan. Perhaps it was just a null-sec visitor taking a passing interest in w-space.

I swap back to my Buzzard and return to scan for a K162 wormhole in the C1. I have to ignore the same ladar sites again, not having made a note of their signatures before, but the sites I bookmarked can be crossed off the list immediately. I always note the signature reference as part of a bookmark's description for just such an occasion. A new wormhole is in the system, which is exciting, although warping to it reveals it to be static. At least, it isn't a K162. I'm not sure how I missed it the first time I was here. Either way, I jump in to the C4 on the other side, to find an occupied system.

There is a pod in the tower's shields but no ships anywhere to be seen. And despite all the anomalies that these chaps haven't cleared there are only two signatures, one being the wormhole I pass through to get here. The other is the system's static wormhole, again leading to a C4. I jump through. I quickly find two towers around the outer planet, but still there are no ships around. There are a bunch of signatures to resolve but I am running low on time and I need to get back to our tower, which I do. I copy the newly made bookmarks in to our shared can and take another break.

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