Siren's call

3rd June 2010 – 5.17 pm

There's nothing in the can, I'll go out and scan. The home system's static wormhole is quickly found and I jump through to see probes visible on the directional scanner. No towers can be seen, though, and bookmarking the wormhole and warping around shows the system to be unoccupied. Because no one lives here, and I am assuming our own static wormhole has only just been opened, I am now looking for this system's static wormhole as well as another connection leading in to this system. But for now I'll just ignore a radar, ladar, ladar, and radar site.

A colleague turns up and starts to scan too, making a more thorough check of our home system. He finds a second wormhole, a K162 coming from a class 3 w-space system. I didn't really look hard enough, but it also means that the scanner from the C3 could have come through our static in to this C4, which is why there are probes. So when I find a wormhole in our neighbouring system and expect to see a static connection I am surprised when I do indeed drop out of warp next to a K162. I have no idea where this scanner has come from now, but knowing that the system's static wormhole is still to be found means that at least I don't miss the second wormhole in this system as well as at home.

The probes have disappeared from d-scan, the scanner has moved on. I will too, now that I have both wormholes in this system bookmarked. As I am looking for activity I head through the K162, in to a class 2 w-space system. A tower and a couple of industrial ships are visible on d-scan and I soon locate them together. Launching probes and starting to scan shows the system to be devoid of any sites of interest, only the wormhole I just passed through and a second static connection leading to high-sec empire space. As I am finding all this out, one of the occupants says 'hello penny' in the local channel, which is curious. I check and see that my cloak is still holding, and I'm pretty sure I'm not famous. Maybe he's just really good at guessing.

'Why are you so quiet?' Mostly because strangers don't want to be my friend in w-space, although my provocative piratical actions don't help with that. I could answer but am not really in the mood to talk, instead going back through the wormhole to continue my exploration. I jump through the C4 system's static connection in to a C3, d-scan revealing another empty system. The scan return is deceptive though, as I find out after launching probes and warping around. There is a tower somewhat out of scan range that has a piloted Buzzard sitting inside. It doesn't look like he's scanning, and considering the connections that have opened between here and our home system, and one jump beyond, I cannot say whether this Buzzard is responsible for the probes I saw earlier.

My scanning reveals another high-sec exit to empire space. We are spoilt today for getting to civilisation, it seems. The only other signature in the system is a gravimetric site, which I bookmark. It may come in useful later if someone starts mining, and with only one signature in the system it would be churlish not to record its location. But there isn't much activity at the moment. I check each system for any signs of ship movements and find none, even in the C3 connecting in to our home system. My exploration is complete for now, so I take a break.

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