Late-night scanning

8th June 2010 – 7.18 pm

Fin risks collapsing our unstable wormhole. A cruiser-sized hull is pushed through and, with some luck and judgement, the wormhole collapses on the return jump. We now have a new static wormhole to find and potential for more action beyond our own system. I take my Buzzard out to join two colleagues in scanning our new neighbourhood.

Jumping through the static connection leads us in to an unoccupied C4. My comparative method of scanning reveals a wormhole to me on the first signature I resolve, leading me to another static C4 wormhole. The directional scanner is clear of all but celestial bodies on the other side of the wormhole so I launch probes and continue scanning. I note from my records that I've been in this system on two previous occasions, it remaining unchosen for settlement.

My skills in finding wormholes begin to let me down and it's good that we have several scanners out. Fin finds the next conection, a K162 coming in from another C4 system, but as it is reaching the end of its natural life I don't head through. The static wormhole remains elusive for a little longer but is eventually found, a connection to a C5 system explaining its signature's weak strength.

The C5 system is also unoccupied, presenting no possible targets for us so far, and we spend a while chasing rocks and gas around before our experienced scan man finally locates the system's static wormhole. A connection to a class 3 system looks more promising and although the system is occupied there is no activity. The only wormhole found in the system is a static exit to low-sec empire space.

Our late-night scanning has brought no opportunity to engage in piracy and I am feeling a little unwell. I return home to the tower to rest, not feeling spritely enough to engage more Sleepers.

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