Scanning through the neighbourhood

13th June 2010 – 3.57 pm

The fresh static connection we open yesterday must be gone by now. I check the bookmark can floating nearby and find three new bookmarks, copying them across to my systems. Two of the bookmarks obviously mark our static wormhole and its K162 companion in the connecting system, but the third has a tag indicating that it is 'inactive'. It suggests that the scanner did not visit the wormhole and would prefer it to remain unopened for now. Taking a look in the C4 reveals an unoccupied system with two dozen anomalies waiting to be plundered of profit. Without any other incoming connections and the static wormhole left inactive, it looks to be an excellent system to engage in Sleeper combat and loot recovery. I leave the wormhole unvisited and return to the tower, taking a break in the hopes of a fleet forming later.

It takes a while but a minimal fleet eventually forms, just enough capsuleers available to cover the normal roles in our standard Sleeper fleet. Unfortunately, the fleet is fleeting, the convergence of capsuleers and available time intersecting only briefly before we are once again restricted in our endeavours. But with no Sleeper combat looking likely the bookmark to the inactive wormhole in our neighbouring C4 can be visited and further systems explored. Logistic ships are swapped for covert operations scanning boats and we dart out of the tower's shield to the wormhole like probes themselves.

The first hop is simple and we warp to the waiting wormhole. We pause briefly to create a more accurate bookmark for the C4's static connection, as a bookmark created from the scanning interface references the cosmic signature of the wormhole, which is separate from the phenomenon itself and can be several kilometres distinct, before jumping through to the class 5 w-space system beyond. The C5 is a pulsar system, occupied but with no ships apparently active according to the directional scanner. I find a tower with a Chimera carrier unpiloted inside its shields before realising there is also a second tower. The other tower is around an adjacent moon and is quiet too.

Two wormholes are found, an EOL K162 coming in from a class 5 system and the system's static wormhole leading in to another class 5 system. I jump through the static connection to see two Sleeper wrecks visible on d-scan but no ships. A tower is located with some small ships sitting inside the shields but nothing piloted. Two more wormholes are found, again a K162 from a C5 and the static connection leading to a C5. One colleague jumps through the K162 and reports 'nothing but a can' on d-scan, whilst the C5 through the static connection gives us a bunch of signatures to resolve.

There are no signatures that look obviously like wormholes and myself and our scan man chase down every last one, the final choice being the system's static wormhole. The signature looked least likely to be a wormhole because it turns out to be 5 AU away from the outermost planet and off the orbital plane, giving a comparatively really weak return signal. We warp to the wormhole and find we are being led in to a C3 for a change.

Our scan man jumps through to the C3 and finds an off-line tower, launching probes to also scan an exit to high-sec empire space. But there is no activity. We keep ourselves isolated in the hopes that we can plunder a system with little fear of interruption only to find a string of systems with not much happening. There isn't much to do but head back to the tower and rest for the night.

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  2. A bit noobish to ask but how do you really tell a ship is "unpiloted". I guess I check target info and ship and pilot shows up as well as see a target docked in a station as well. Since at the moment I live in highsec I'm not quite sure how to really tell a ship is just sitting outside in a station shield if it actually is.

    And I guess the reason I also asked was a day or so I was just practising the habbit of daily scanning my 0.6 highsec system for signatures and happen to warp to the Sun and was sitting above it cloaked when I had noticed another ship a cruiser about 3km away. I had assumed there was someone there so I had cloaked and remain so just for practising a habbit. Ship never moved so eventually clicked on it for show info and all I got was just the ship and no pilot info at all. Was kinda puzzled why no pilot info here. So if I'm correct then I can assume this ship was either unpiloted, logged out or abandoned or both. If so I had no idea a player could just leave a ship unpiloted in the dead of space.

    I'm unsure with certainty how to tell either whether a ship is unpiloted, logged out or abandoned. As well whether just sitting in a station shield.

    By Galo on Jun 20, 2010

  3. It may depend on your overview settings, but mine is fairly unchanged from the default and can show the difference. There is a 'name' column and 'type' column. The 'type' column will show the type of ship, and the 'name' will show the name of the pilot in the ship. If the ship is unpiloted then the 'name' column will show the ship type again. Here's an image to help:

    The image shows three ships in the overview, an Iteron Mark V, Typhoon, and Reaper. The Reaper and Iteron are unpiloted, as their ship type is repeated in the 'name' column, whereas the Typhoon is piloted by 'mr Govorun'.

    The same difference should be seen on the HUD, with the name appearing next to the ship being the pilot's if the ship is piloted, or the ship type if it isn't.

    By pjharvey on Jun 20, 2010

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