Preparatory scanning

17th June 2010 – 5.38 pm

It is too early for anyone to be around. The home system has to stabilise before my Buzzard can warp in to the tower. Even so, there are some bookmarks in the shared can, which I copy and warp out to check. Only one of the three bookmarks pointing to a wormhole in our system is valid, and jumping through the static connection presents no further valid bookmarks as shown by the lack of any of them being highlighted. I delete from my nav-comp all bookmarks but the home system's static wormhole, add a bookmark for the K162 behind me, and launch probes to begin exploring.

A tower is visible on the directional scanner, but no ships. I feel safe launching probes at the wormhole, taking several seconds of uncloaked flight to do so. I find the tower and make a convenient bookmark, which experience tells me should be within a hundred kilometres so that ships can be viewed directly if necessary to determine vectors when they warp away. Scanning the system reveals only three anomalies present but plenty of signatures, and ignoring the usual presence of rocks and gas I eventually find a static connection to a class 3 w-space system. Nothing is happening in this C4, so I jump to the next system.

Again, a tower is seen on d-scan on entry in to the system, but this time a shuttle is visible too. I am not particularly concerned about the presence of a single shuttle, even if piloted. My Buzzard probably won't attract much attention in itself and a pilot changing ships from a shuttle to anything else would offer me good information anyway, about types of ships available, alertness levels, and aggression. I find the tower and make another convenient bookmark, which also helps with not having to refer to my notes when revisiting the tower, and scan the system. There are loads of anomalies in this C3, which would be easy to plunder with a small fleet, and few enough signatures to let me locate soon enough the static exit to low-sec empire space.

There are no more wormholes in the system, ending exploration for now and producing another short route between our home system and k-space. All systems remain sleepy. I bookmark a few sites in case their locations come in useful later but otherwise return to the tower. I drop off the current bookmarks and take a break.

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